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Project Affiliates

Name Country Case Study Email Abdullah Ceylan Turkey aceylan@mgm.gov.tr Alicia Kinoshita San Diego-Tijuana case akinoshita@mail.sdsu.edu Asim Zia Pakistan zia.asim@gmail.com Fernando Briones Central America+SD/Tij brionesfernando@gmail.com Gabriel Nkomo Zimbabwe gvnkomo@gmail.com Ilan Kelman South Pacific Islands ilan_kelman@hotmail.com Lino Naranjo Caribbean lino.naranjo@gmail.com Marie-Ange Baudoin South Africa marieange007@gmail.com Tracy Nishikawa San Diego-Tijuana case […]

About CCB

  The developers and designers of El Niño Ready Nations (ENRNs) website, the Consortium for Capacity Building (CCB), are an educational, outreach, and networking organization at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Their main focus is on enhancing the value and use of climate, water, and weather information for […]